Why can you be sure of the safety of your participation at exhibitions?
In matters of safety, exhibitions and congresses compare favorably with any other types of public events or shopping centers:

The audience of visitors and exhibitors (owners, managers, and specialists of enterprises and organizations) is distinguished by discipline and a responsible approach to their actions and the requirements of exhibition organizers to wear masks, gloves, keep distance, and other precautions.
Holding exhibitions at the moment is possible only if specially developed requirements of Rospotrebnadzor are met.

Social distancing:
- depending on the expected number of visitors in the pavilions, the width of the aisles between the stands is regulated and a one-way traffic system around the exhibition can be organized;
- seating of conference participants is carried out at a distance of 1.5 m;
Hygiene standards:
- admission to exhibition and conference sites is carried out through the entrance lobbies using contactless body temperature control devices;
- "mask mode" is provided throughout the exhibition area - access to the site is provided with personal protective equipment: mask/respirator, gloves;
- a sufficient number of hand sanitizers are provided on the territory of the exhibition;
- regular cleaning of public areas is carried out using professional disinfectants, cleaning frequency is increased.

The above and other security measures are an integral part of the organization of exhibitions and conferences.

Why is it necessary to participate in exhibitions and congresses right now?
1. Anti-crisis measure for business development: here and now exhibitors conclude contracts with the most promising and valuable clients
"It is good that there is an opportunity to present our products to potential customers. There were several visitors who immediately came with a technical assignment for a compressor or a compressor unit; there were also potential customers showing interest in the compressor equipment produced for the future. We consider participation in the exhibition as a successful"

Krasnodar Compressor Plant – participant of PCVExpo (October 2020)
2. The number of visitors increased by 1 exhibitor

"Despite the restrictions, the exhibition attracted a considerable number of visitors to its site. At ExpoCoating Moscow, we established business contacts with a large number of representatives of the chemical industry interested in the supply of VATEX equipment. The company's employees on the spot processed incoming requests for a miscalculation and studied the received technical task"

Anton Zheglov, marketing specialist at VATEX - participant of ExpoCoating Moscow (October 2020)
3. High quality of visitors who have motivation and specific tasks for the purchase of equipment and materials

"Given the current situation, we feared that there would be far fewer people. However, our stand was attended by about 300-400 people, of which 95% were targeted. The visitors were targeted as much as possible - it exceeded our expectations"

Alena Vyzhigina, Sales Manager, KC2 Engineering Company - GasSuf Exhibition Participant (October 2020)

Don't miss the key opportunity to increase your sales - face-to-face meetings and negotiations with a target audience with a high interest and a formed need!
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