Exhibition-conference of technical security means and safety and firestop equipment Security Ural
April 20 - 22, 2021 • IEC “Yekaterinburg-EXPO”, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Why participate in Exhibition

Participation in Security Ural Exhibition will allow your company to attract new customers, improve your sales performance, and expand your sales geography.

Exhibitions are a surprisingly universal multipurpose marketing tool. They are a distinct image of a specific market in a specific place at a specific time as a result of gathering of vendors, buyers, decision makers, influencers, consultants, and mass media. Exhibitions are the most effective tool to market products and services!

Participation in an exhibition gives you an opportunity to achieve a large number of business targets at the same time such as sales, production, marketing, advertizing, image, communications, etc. Exhibitions allow for expanding your customer base and increasing sales volumes, finding new methods of process optimization, improving your competitive ability, making sure your company or brand is perceived positively and your goodwill grows.

Is it worth to spend your advertizing budget on participation in exhibitions?
Today, exhibitions acquire a unique status due to the current economic situation. They give you an exact idea what companies have stayed afloat and who has left the market, what niches are free to take, and what tactics and strategies you should use in the new environment.

You may cover a rather significant market segment during a limited period of time. Regardless of whether you want to improve your company image, change perception of its profile on the market, or develop new ways of selling your products, you may achieve much more impressive results in a three or four days of an exhibition compared to months it would take in the normal course of business.

Participation in an exhibition saves both time and money

  • It saves costs on market research, collection of information about your competitors, etc.;
  • It saves costs on events that may be organized on stands (special offers, presentations, workshops, press conferences, reception of regional representatives, etc.)

Dedicated exhibitions
Dedicated exhibitions are focused at a certain target audience which spends its time and money to visit the exhibition, actively searches for and collects information, willfully visits stands, and shows its interest in products and services. It is obvious that such target audience is more receptive to exhibitors’ offers.

Exhibitions offer face-to-face communication between exhibitors and visitors
Exhibitions offer an opportunity to do business face to face which is the most effective and convincing method of sales and establishment of relations with customers. Unlike ad placement in magazines and direct mail method, exhibitions guarantee a possibility of two-way communication. Visitors are welcome to ask questions, request for additional information, object, and debate. In turn, exhibitors may share and obtain information. For buyers, exhibitions offer a possibility to see, touch, try and test products. There is nothing like a live presentation.

How to participate
Exhibitions are first of all an effective promotion tool. However, while it may work out great for some companies and bring in profits, others only earn negative experience of exhibiting. Just like in any other business process, there are some distinct laws here. Their knowing and observance have a direct impact on how effective your participation will be.

  1. you must choose the right exhibition: keep a calendar of all events that happen in the region of your interest, read more information about this particular exhibition – see if summary reports for the previous years are available, make sure you know what companies were represented there, and whether data from different sources match.
  2. before you book space, you must establish goals and objectives of your participation. What target are you trying to reach by participation in an exhibition: to present a totally new product on the market, to find new suppliers, or to make sales? Your goal must be clearly set. Lack of determination simply results in non-effective spending of money and consequently, disappointment in exhibitions as a communication tool.
  3. preparation for an event must not start one day before the exhibition opening. When preparing, focus on such things as:
  • stand appearance
  • hand-outs
  • staff and their outfits
  • participation in business events of the exhibition
  • visitors