Exhibition-conference of technical security means and safety and firestop equipment Security Ural
April 20 - 22, 2021 • IEC “Yekaterinburg-EXPO”, Yekaterinburg, Russia

Effective Exhibition Participation Tips

  • An exhibition is not a self-sufficient campaign. See it as an occasion to shoot all your cannons. Organize your own pre-exhibition advertizing campaign, make sure you invite guests to your stand in advance, make appointments with customers at the exhibition. Contact people that you met at the exhibition and thank them for visiting your stand.
  • Use an opportunity to announce your participation in the exhibition which we may offer to you:


  • Place an exhibitor banner button on the home page of the website with an invitation to visit your company stand (with a link to get a free ticket). To do that, you have to request for a banner of a required size.
  • Place an invitation to the stand of yours in advertizing materials that you publish before the exhibition.
  • Include the banner or the exhibition logo (with a link to get a free ticket) to the e-mail signature of your company staff.
  • Send us news where you describe your company advantages and products that you are planning to present at the exhibition.
  • Notify us about your specialties and bestsellers so we could place information about your company on the official website of the exhibition and in our e-mails sent to mailing list recipients.
  • Send us detailed information about workshops and presentations scheduled by you to be organized as a part of the exhibition so we could post your event program and description of your target audience on the website.
  • Using sponsor opportunities allows for making the most out of the commercial potential of the exhibition at three stages – pre-exhibition, exhibition, and post-exhibition.

For banners with your company logo, registration links, exhibition press releases, please contact Ekaterina Devyatyarova, Marketing and Advertising Manager at MVK Ural at +7 (343) 226-04-29 ext. 503, Ekaterina.Devyatyarova@mvk.ru , or your manager.

We will be happy if our tips help you to participate effectively and to attract a larger number of visitors to your stand.

See you at the exhibition!